I have curated a selection of projects that I have been engaged in from 2018 to 2023. Feel free to explore my diverse array of works, spanning across branding and product design, school assignments, and 3D experimentation etc.

Tinyman Branding

Tinyman is a decentralized trading protocol of the Algorand blockchain. I have created an immersive brand design system for this project.

brand design, naming, concept development, typography, design systems, illustration design, motion design, 2D animation, editing, 3D modelling & animation, sound design

Pera Wallet

Pera Wallet takes the first spot as the best wallet for Algorand ecosystem. I helped to recreate a new flexible brand system to support all new sub-products such as Discover, Portfolio, Swap, NFT Aggregator, etc.

product design, design systems, 3d modelling & animation

Tinyman Product

Over the course of two years, I played a key role in the design of Tinyman. While the product positioning was similar to Uniswap-like AMM format, the majority of flows were designed with consideration for the Algorand blockchain and its user base.

product design, design systems


Loki project is a brand identity design project that I created for my VCD201 - Visual Communication Design Studio course at the school. In this project, I designed Loki, which is a modern interpretation of Turkish Delight.

self project, brand design, naming, concept development, packaging design, website design

Tinyman Swap Widget

Swap Widget is a tool introduced by Tinyman that facilitates seamless integration of its swapping functionality into various platforms. It enables users to execute swaps directly within their preferred applications.

product design, design systems


Tealish is a readable language developed by the Tinyman core team and created for the Algorand Virtual Machine. It enables developers to write TEAL in a procedural style optimized for readability.

brand design, illustration design, motion design, 2D animation, editing, 3D modelling & animation, presentation design


Unwrapit is a digital gift experience platform that helps growing companies maintain a meaningful customer & employee experience.

product design, design systems, illustration design, 2d animation

ReFi Türkiye

ReFi Türkiye is a learning community that is the Turkish leg of the regenerative finance movement. This project, created in partnership with imece and Akbank, aims to initiate the ReFi movement in Turkey.

brand design, website design, 3D modelling & animation

The Human Project

Human is an experience design project that allows people to understand how it feels like to meet with AI bots who have no idea about human-kind. // experience now //

self project, 3d modelling & animation, ai prompting, vr experience


A video editing app where you can easily create videos in your mobile phone. This project is a mobile application concept prepared for VCD302 course and You can // review the detailed Behance project //

self project, product design, design systems, brand design